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If you’ve been paying attention to recent headlines, you are aware of the many concerns regarding smartphone use and kids. Just "google" Smartphones and kids and start reading. The results are staggering. From Common Sense Media’s Truth about Tech to a letter from investors urging Apple to issue a health warning to countless articles which state that smartphone use has mentalphysiological and social risks, there is plenty of evidence to jumpstart a conversation. 

But we’ve had that conversation. There have been sold out viewings of Screenagers and other talks on Parenting and Social Media. We've listened to parents lament about concerns over their kids' technology use and the pressure they feel to provide their kids with smartphones despite their hesitations. Still nothing has really changed.

So let’s do something about it! Modeled after the Wait Until 8th campaign, the Bedford Promise, a community-based support platform that unites parents with a promise to wait until at least 8th grade to give their child a smartphone. The goal is to make smartphone use by our kids the exception, not the rule. 

Bedford Promise provides resources to educate parents and kids on the risks and responsibilities of smartphone use. Down the road, Bedford Promise hopes to use this platform for more community conversations and forums to discuss the challenges of raising kids during the digital age.

To learn more about the Bedford Promise, click here:

*The Promise is for smartphones only. You can still join the Promise for younger children, even if your older children already have smartphones. Bedford Promise's small team is working hard to improve the website and to garnish support from professionals in our community. So come back to see additions over the next few months. And if you’re not into it, that’s ok, too. Bedford Promise will be here when you change your mind.*

I hope you will join us!